Day and Night Dress Challenge: I’VE SAID YES TO THE DRESSES!

Hey Yall,

So are you excited yet about the DAY AND NIGHT DRESS CHALLENGE?


I hope that the last post left you with no questions about the Challenge itself, so please make use of the many links that were in the post. If you missed the introduction to the challenge, CLICK HERE

Today, I want to give some info about the dress patterns that I’ve chosen to use for the challenge.

DAY DRESS: (Need more info? CLICK HERE)

“A dress with a day look: This should be a casual dress appropriate for your everyday life.  This dress should take you out to have coffee with a friend (jasmine green tea soy latte for me, please!)”

Auberley Dress from Blank Slate Patterns



I am a sucker for a fit and flare pattern. I chose this particular pattern due to the variety that can be done with the Hack Pack. The Hack Pack allows for more neckline and sleeve variation. I believe that this dress will be great for my Day, Coffee dress.


NIGHT DRESS: (Need more info? CLICK HERE)

“A dress with a night look:  Night look dresses should be a cocktail dress of any kind and style.  This does not have to be an ultra formal affair.  Your cocktail dress should take you to a nice dinner or to a less formal wedding.”

Dashing Dress by Ellie and Mac Patterns



Can this dress get any cuter!!!!! OMGosh is what I thought when I saw it. The collar is what really grabbed my attention though. I don’t know if I want to sew the dress AS-IS or do a pattern hack! I will let my thoughts flow, but i can’t dawdle for too long, because TIME IS RUNNING OUT!


Have you decided on your dress yet? Make sure to use the hashtag: #dayandnightdresschallenge and tag ElizabethMadeThis on your social media! You dont want to miss out on the prizes from our amazing sponsors!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Faye Lewis says:

    Love your pattern selections!


    1. LifeofRobertsWife says:

      Thank you so much❤


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